Dimitra Milan

Dimitra Milan may only be 16 years-old but she certainly has mastered depicting her dreams to make them come alive on canvas. Having grown up with artistic parents, John and Ellie Milan who credit their daughter with their own move into abstract painting, she has practiced her craft almost continually while being home schooled since she was 12. Her dedication and vision have brought her work and career into form as an albeit young, but fully fledged professional artist. In an interview with My Modern Met, she said about her paintings, “I want them to be sort of a window or door into this beautiful, creative realm so people can encounter that atmosphere where anything is possible.

According to Dimitra’s Instagram account, the strong females she depicts embody virtues like faith and patience and often give accounts of their own stories through varied facial expressions and layering of light and dark pigment to create depth in their eyes.

Of her craft, although aware that it’s evolving, Dimitra has said, “In terms of technique, I try to balance experimentation, staying fresh, and confronting my comfort zone with developing consistency and excellence in how I paint…. It sort of happens organically and naturally. I don’t want to be limited by technique or a missing skill.”

Her original artworks sell for anywhere in between $3-$10,000 a piece. You can view them on her website https://dimitramilan.com.

Isabella Morawetz

You would think that Isabella Morawetz’ digitally composed portraits were actual oil paintings, so good is the 24-year-old Australian graphic artist at mastering paint on-screen. By layering various textures and using custom paint brushes in Photoshop, Isabella re-creates life like looking images which can be gracefully voyeuristic or seem to stare right back at you. Her subject matters vary from the unique to fan art, most notably the 2016 renditions of characters from Breaking Bad.

Similair to Dimitra Milan, Morawetz’ female subjects resound with internal layers that continue to transend through and around the space on-page.

What’s noteworthy about Isabella is that she shares her styles through offering custom paint brushes on sites like gumroad.com. She has also created a 3-part tutorial on painting skin tones giving other graphic designers insights into her techniques. She said, in an interview with paintable.cc ” I’ve taken so much from the (digital art) community in terms of watching tutorials and inspiration, so I guess I wanted to put something back into it.”

She credits her Mother’s career as a graphic artist as providing her a foundation in this medium. Yet, Isabella knows that for any artist it takes dedication and hard work. Her advice for others? “Get used to failing… Learn to take pride in how painfully average some of your work will be, because now there’s one less crappy piece you’ve got in you, and you’re a step closer to reaching your full potential. Don’t try to be a “good artist”, just focus on being better than you were before.

You can shop on her website http://morawetzart.com/ or commission Isabella at https://www.facebook.com/morawetzart/.

What’s remarkable about both of these young women is that while they grew up immersed in the art world, they’ve both realized that it takes a lot more than artistic influence to develop their talent and styles. Years of practice and dedication have gone into their paintings and techniques. As they continue to grow, they’re aware that experimentation and failure often proceed a break through in any artist’s next evolution.

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