Inspiring Fashion Sites From Abroad

Do you ever wonder why Europeans seem to dress with more style than Americans do?  Whether it’s the fabric, a quest to be eccentric or the use of flair like fur lined sneakers or over the top accessories with an otherwise downplayed look, these top inspiring fashion sites from abroad will ignight the fashion revolutionary in you.






A Paris fashion e-commerce site and blog, founded by fashion veterans Amelie Safer and Lauren Nouchi, whose resumes are emboldened with brands like Chanel and Saint Laurent.  They offer the real looks of Paris’ cobbled streets from local retailers like FRNCH and Lenny B.  For an extra treat, check out My Parisan Giftbox, the perfect occasion gift for any fashion-minded gal.









For you or the man in your life, if you haven’t yet discovered Suitsupply this one is a no-brainer.  The Amsterdam-based men’s tailoring and suit store allows you to shop by fit, material, concept, price and even create your own in-store or online.  The good news is that in the past few years they have rapidly been expanding and now can be found in multiple European countries and top cities in the U.S.





If you are looking for the truly feminine night or workwear, Doublewoot, a Malaysia-based fashion store has uniquely chick and delicate designs.  It’s the type of place to go to if you want to stand out in a crowd for a wedding reception without paying designer prices. They offer petites and gowns that could double as prom dresses too. All items are handmade in the region.  Even better, the customer service reviews and quality are favorable.



Mura Boutique


For casual and beachwear, the Aussie based Mura Boutique tops the list.  With light cotton and supple fabrics, call it resort type fashion that you could don day to night.  Artistically photographed to give you a full picture of style with accessories, the website is so easy to use, you’ll go back time and again for more inspiration.



Bettina Boutique


Bettina Boutique’s slogan is, ‘real clothes for real people’.  They have been providing heritage fashion to Athens for 50 years. Characterized by primary colors and strong lines their clothing offers as much classic beauty as the history of Greece.  The timeline on the website tells of the shop’s journey throughout the decades and how they have added to fashion trends since the 1960’s.



Matches Fashion


For men and women, Matches Fashion out of the UK  offers designer brands, but unlike other similar sites, they focus on wearables and the styles they showcase do not disappoint.  You can shop through a variety of options from designer to color to size.  While on the high end for price, they match accessories with clothing on-page to give a completed look in high style through quick glances that are easy on the eye.

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