The other day I received an email from Walt, which is amazing considering…
We are embarking on a trip to FL, including Orlando in just a few days and while it’s been four years since I have been there, I am realizing that a lot has changed. First, I get the email from Walt confirming our ticket confirmation but then I get this invitation to an app called the My Disney Experience which allows me to customize all of our Disney icons (I am Jiminy Cricket), order fast passes (which they now offer to everyone with advanced ticket purchase but only allow you three; here’s a guide) AND includes ordering ahead for reservations to Disney dining experiences. I am suddenly head over heals! Everyone thanks you these days but nobody Thanks You and provides you exceptional customer experiences on top of what you’ve already paid for.

That said, we’ll need to put it to the test. The app is stunning with clarity of directions and wait times for every park. To make sure that we stay connected, I have read up on Wi-Fi, sponsored by AT&T which presumably is spotty throughout the parks. The recommendation is to connect to Wi-Fi, rather than cellular data but switch to airplane mode when not in use. (When the Wi-Fi goes in and out your phone works harder to establish connection and this can be a drain to the battery.) There is a list of battery charging kiosks here as well as they can be accessed (as long as you still have power) through the app.

A further recommendation is that you bring your own portable charger or you can buy one from Disney for $30. We are planning on having the app on multiple phones for a further safeguard, or higher phone bill, we will see…

For more app fun I have also downloaded Walt Disney World Secrets Gold Notecast ($3.99 from iTunes) which tells you secrets and the history of the parks which may be fun to play with during wait times.

For now, I’m looking forward to some magical family days and providing an update on the Disney Experience: Parks and Apps in 2017 – Part 2 when we return!

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